Losing Hair: 5 Causes, Treatment Options, and Prevention Tips

Losing Hair: 5 Causes, Treatment Options, and Prevention Tips

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If you have been sick and tired of losing hair, then you aren’t alone. There are so many people facing the same challenges as you do. Medically known as alopecia, hair loss is a common disorder that has been affecting over 80 million people, just in one country! Some people aren’t sure if they are shedding more than a normal number of hairs. 

On an average scale, people lose 100 strands of hair every day. With new strands growing to take the place of the lost ones, you won’t see any difference. But, if fewer hair strands grow back and you start noticing a receding hairline or thinning areas, then you might be suffering from alopecia.

The 5 causes behind hair loss:

There are so many causes behind hair loss, which force people to find the best solution for hair fall. Understanding the causes might help you to take the necessary treatments. Listed below are 5 of the main causes of hair loss.

  • Androgenetic alopecia:

It is also known as female or male pattern baldness and is a common cause of hair loss. Both these options are genetic. Males have this tendency to lose hair from the temples and crown of the head. Then in females, hair usually becomes thinner all around the head.

This situation takes place when a person grows old, but it can start anytime after puberty. Some might develop this condition after hitting menopause.

  • Pregnancy issues:

During pregnancy, women undergo multiple hair loss issues. It is because of the strong hormonal changes going through the body. It decreases the estrogen level, and hair starts to fall off right after giving birth. This is a temporary condition and will resolve within a year or even before that with proper hair fall treatment near me.

  • Telogen effluvium:

It is one condition where the hair remains in the natural shedding phase or growth cycle. It will cause more hair strands to fall and can become a handful. This is yet another temporary condition that takes time to heal. It is vital to consult a doctor to understand the cause.

  • Alopecia areata:

It is one autoimmune condition that leads to sudden hair fall issues. The immune system attacks the hair follicles with some of the healthy body parts. The hair from the scalp, along with the eyelashes and eyebrows, might fall out in smaller chunks over here. In case anyone has this condition, going for a doctor’s appointment is necessary. 

  • Traction alopecia:

It is another condition of hair loss because of pulling hair into some tight hairstyles. It will cause the hair to break and then come loose. Tight buns or ponytails, cornrows, and braids might result in such issues.

Go for the best treatment:

If you are suffering from any of these conditions, as mentioned above, then hair fall mesotherapy treatment is the one to watch out for. The scalp’s health will determine the appearance of hair strands. They are well-nourished and healthy, and the hair can grow stronger, more beautiful, and longer. 

  • Most hair loss issues are caused by reduced blood circulation, lack of nutrients and vitamins, and hormonal imbalances around hair follicles. 
  • The hair fall treatment from Metamorphosis will use the mesotherapy concept to prevent hair loss. It does that by strengthening the hair roots and improving density. 
  • The team will be using fine injections with amino acids, plant extracts, vitamins, minerals, and even some coenzymes to reverse the damage signs. 
  • This treatment is safe without any allergic reactions or side effects. It will further help in treating dandruff. 

The mesotherapy treatment from Metamorphosis has been structured to be effective for hair fall and proper rejuvenation when compared to any other oral medications.

The preventive tips to follow:

There are some simple steps to help you prevent hair loss to a certain extent. Make sure to follow the tips whenever you get time.

  • Try adding extra protein to your diet plan to strengthen the scalp and hair roots
  • Take vitamins
  • Go for the proven hair loss treatment only
  • Try the lower level laser light therapy
  • Maintain proper scalp and hair care

Try scalp massaging from time to time:

Scalp massage is one way to stimulate hair growth by promoting circulation and gene changes. However, there is a very limited amount of evidence of this section. A study in 2016 proves that a daily scalp massage of 4 minutes will help in increasing the hair thickness to a great extent. Giving yourself a proper scalp massage, will also surely feel good. So, even if it is doing nothing to thicken up our hair strands, at least you will find the entire method to be quite relaxing.

Follow the best diet to prevent hair loss:

You must know that your diet will have a direct effect on the hair loss routine. Eating a diet, which is rich in antioxidants, will help in fighting signs of oxidative stress, which are environmental factors that damage your hair follicles, resulting in hair loss.

  • Multiple colourful fruits and vegetables like blueberries, strawberries, legumes and beans, kale and spinach are some of the great sources of antioxidants and will work out well to be a part of your diet plan.
  • Processed fats, sugar, alcohol and preservatives can also contribute to oxidative stress. Make sure to keep that in mind while you are looking for ways to stop hair from just falling out.

Don’t forget to quit smoking:

Smoking can damage the hair cells and will make the follicles all brittle and easily damageable. Some studies have linked smoking to increased rates of premature hair and hair loss. Get help from a doctor to quit smoking as that’s a difficult process. But, in the end, you get the chance to prevent hair loss to a certain extent.

These few simple points can actually prevent hair loss to a certain extent. For better and permanent relief, call experts for help and the mesotherapy treatment from Metamorphosis.

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