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What Is The Skin

Everyone wants firmer and more youthful skin, whether on the face or the body. Several factors play a role in causing skin laxities, such as increased breakdown of collagen into fragments and decreased fibroblasts (cells producing collagen).

Our skin tightening radiofrequency treatment is apt for you if you are looking to improve the appearance of sagging skin on your stomach, arms or thighs. It gives a tighter and toned appearance. During weight gain, the skin expands to make room for increased growth in the abdomen and other parts of the body. When the skin has been significantly stretched and remains that way for long period of time, collagen and elastin fibres become damaged. As a result, they lose some of their ability to retract, and excess skin hangs from the body, which may negatively affect their appearance and quality of life. Here tripolar radio frequency plays very important role in skin tightening.

• Tripolar radio frequency is the latest and the most effective non-surgical body sculpting treatment.

• This cutting-edge technology and equipment safely deliver controlled amounts of wavelengths of electromagnetic energy to the lower layers of the dermis that contain collagen.

• When RF (radio frequency) energy meets collagen, the resulting resistance and heat cause the collagen to contract and tighten.
The heat also stimulates the production and growth of new collagen and which will ultimately help in skin tightening.

What to expect during the consultation?
Consultation begins by doing a physical assessment. An individualized treatment plan is devised which consists of the number of sessions required, depending upon the extent of tightening needed. You will be shown before and after images and the procedure will be explained in depth. Please disclose any underlying medical conditions or medicine usage to your doctor. The treatment can be done for any area eg-double chin, arms, abdomen, knees, inner and outer thighs, buttocks.
Treatment Protocol at Metamorphosis
Photographs are taken for the areas requiring the treatment. The radiofrequency probe is used in the desired areas. During your treatment, you can expect a warm sensation under your skin, a radio frequency at work. The tightening pack is applied. The areas are then cleaned, followed by the application of post-procedure cream.
Benefits and Results


Non-surgical Tightens and firms the skin
Reduces body fat and contours Targets sagging skin effectively
No downtime Improves the appearance of stretch marks
can resume daily activities immediately Excellent treatment for post-liposuction tightening

Zero Downtime
Quickly return to all daily activities
Affordable treatment
Stretch marks removal treatment
Excellent treatment for post-liposuction tightening
Body fat reduction and contouring
Firm & tightened skin
Targets Sagging skin

Results; Immediate and long-lasting results. Patients are advised to drink plenty of water before and after the treatment for aiding the removal of fat toxins from the body.

Treatment Procedure

Photographs taken of the area to be treated

Radio frequency probe is used in the desired area

Tightening pack is applied

Area is cleaned and post procedure cream applied.

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Synopsis of treatment

Procedure time-45 minutes


Duration of results-long lasting

Male or female - Both

Full recovery-immediate

Risks and complications - Slight redness which usually resolves in 24 hours.

Back to work-immediate

Recommended number of sessions - 4 to 8

Sensitivity period - Up to 6 hours



Treatment FAQ’s

How Does Radio Frequency (RF) Tightens The Skin ?

RF has a capacity to produce heat.
Heating the skins deeper layers to induce new collagen and elastin production and encourage cell turnover helping skin become firmer, thicker and more youthful looking.

Which Body Area Radio Frequecy (RF) Can Treat ?

• RF allows a sleek, firm and toned body and face
• Wrinkled, crepey or sagging skin on tummy, arms, knees, legs, hands or buttocks.
• Sagging skin or unwanted bulges after pregnancy or weight loss.
• Love handles

How Many Treatment Sessions Will I Need ?

You may require 4-8 sessions depending upon the area involved and how much tightening is needed.

How Long Does One Treatment Take ?

On an average the time for one session is 45 minutes.

What Are The Benefits of Skin Tightening Treatment ?

The treatment is safe,painless,non-surgical,no downtime,you can return to your routine activities immediately after the procedure

What Should I Do After RF Treatment ?

You may return to your usual activities immediately as there is minimal down time for RF treatment, but it is essential to maintain good skin care and sun avoidance.

How Long Does RF Skin Tightening Last ?

The effects of treatment will continue to improve over the next few months as skin produces new collagen.
Results typically last for a minimum of six months although with ongoing treatment, results are often long lasting.

Is RF Skin Tightening Safe For Face ?

Clinical studies have demonstrated an excellent safety profile for radio frequency procedures for skin tightening whether it would be for vaginal rejuvenation, facial skin tightening or body contouring.

For Whom This Treatment Is Not Suitable?
The treatment is not indicated for pregnant/breastfeeding women.
Why Should I Get My Skin Tightening Procedure Done At Metamorphosis Clinic?

We have a team of qualified professionals who specialize in tightening and contouring treatments. We use safe, on-invasive, US-FDA approved technology.

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