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What Is The
Mommy Makeover?

Mommy Makeover treatments are specially designed for new mothers. The treatments target the common issues faced by women post-pregnancy or breastfeeding. It focuses on empowering mothers by helping them attain a contoured body and healthy glowing skin. These treatments help new mothers fall in love with their bodies, regain confidence, and improve their overall body image and appeal. Metamorphosis Mommy makeover treatments are entirely non-surgical and pain-free. The treatment plan includes: stretch mark reductions, tummy tightening & fat loss, breast tightening, pigmentation treatment, skin rejuvenation, and vaginal rejuvenation. Usually, multiple sessions of 3 treatments are performed: Viora reaction, fractional laser, and body threads, followed by additional treatments. The Metamorphosis mommy makeover treatment targets three critical body areas: the tummy, the breasts and pigmentation. We use the viora reaction for fat loss and the tummy threads for tightening tummy tightening. Our clients can opt for threads for breast lifts or non-surgical breast tucks for breast tightening. Our dermatologists suggest peels or the Autologous Platelet gel therapy to deal with pigmentation problems. Clients can opt for the G-shot, O-shot or peels for vaginal rejuvenation.
During the consultation, be prepared to discuss- Your treatment goals, any medication condition, the exact plan of action for the treatment, what you can expect, and the desired results. The doctor will explain the pre and post-care of the treatment. Home care will also be explained.
Treatment Protocol at Metamorphosis
Tummy Threads or Breast Threads- Local anaesthesia is applied for 30 mins which cause less pain. Threads are inserted in the skin and are pulled to tighten. These threads are bioabsorbable, and in this process, they produce more collagen that helps to get rid of a flabby stomach or lift the sagginess of the breast.

Reaction: It is a non-invasive treatment. It has vacuum and Radiofrequency technology. The vacuum helps to reduce the fat, and RF helps to tighten the skin.

Peels: A chemical peel uses its acid at the desired concentration to treat the concerned area of the skin. It helps in reducing pigmentation.

Fillers: Dermal Fillers are used to plumping the labia majora. It has hyaluronic acid to pump that area that shows signs of aging.

PRP- Platelet-rich plasma is a treatment using one’s plasma to stimulate collagen production and cell migration which helps to reduce folds, fine lines, wrinkles, etc. This is given in G-shot or O-shot.

Benefits and Results


Non-surgical method for proven results. Removes imperfections and restores confidence
No downtime and quick results Can treat multiple areas like tummy , thighs, breasts. Stretch mark reduction
Safe and effective treatment Cost effective treatment.Better skin tone
Excellent treatment for those looking for a non surgical tummy tuck/breast tuck Can resume daily activities right away

Perfectly treats multiple areas like thighs, tummy, and breast.
Zero downtime and quick results
Wear the clothes you always wished and desired
Return to your daily activities quickly
Perfect treatment for non-surgical tummy tuck/breast tuck
Restores confidence and removes imperfection
Affordable treatment

Results: 6-10 Sessions must be performed every 4-6 weeks

Treatment Procedure

Viora treatment for tummy tightening

Tummy threads for tightening

Face Tightening

Breast lift non surgically by Tripolar RF and Threads

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Synopsis of treatment

Procedure Time - 60-75 minutes

Anesthesia - topical

Duration of Results - Permanent

Male or female - Both

Full Recovery - 48 hours

Risks & Complications- Swelling, Bruising, pain and redness

Back to Work - 24 hours

Results 4 to 6 sessions every 4 weeks

Suitable for post delivery /post breastfeeding



Treatment FAQ’s

What does Mommy Makeover includes?

Mommy makeover includes tummy tightening and fat loss, breast tightening, stretch marks reduction, treatment for pigmentation , skin rejuvenation and vaginal rejuvenation.

Who is the right candidate for Mommy Makeover?
Mommy makeover is ideal for women whose abdomen and breast have undergone changes due to pregnancy and breastfeeding.
What is the process of Mommy Makeover?

After doing a consultation, your doctor will determine the right treatment course for you along with giving you the time frame for all recommended treatments. The treatment course is decided upon the treatment areas involved.

Fractional Co2-this treatment is used to get rid of the stretch marks as well as even out the tone and texture. The treatment is effective and has minimal pain.

Reaction-the combination of vacuum and radiofrequency helps to lift and tighten the skin of tummy, breast and thighs. It regenerates quick production of collagen and elastin resulting in a much firmer skin.

Threads for tummy- they help to build the dermis as well as collagen that prevents sagging and drooping of skin.

Threads for breast- threads are inserted underneath the skin and are pulled upwards towards the collarbone. No scars created because no traditional incisions.

G shot-injecting a collagenous filler directly into the G spot area of the vagina to enhance sensitivity.

O shot-use of plasma therapy to rejuvenate the vagina for stress incontinence and sexual dysfunction.

Is Mommy makeover painful?

Mommy makeover includes all non surgical treatments like threads, reaction, fillers, PRP, etc.The pain factor is bearable , it may cause little discomfort but medicines will be prescribed for quick recovery.

Do I have to be a mommy in order to undergo this treatment?

Normal aging process can also lead to dropping of breast tissue, excess fat as well as excess skin. So if u have any of these signs you can consider this treatment too.

Is Mommy makeover risky?
Visible and remarkable results are seen in 3-6 months.
Since its a non surgical treatment it’s completely safe and it has minimal side effects like redness, tenderness, bruising.
Do i need to reduce weight before Mommy Makeover?

It is true that the reaction treatment will help reduce fat from the body but its always better you lose a little baby fat before starting the treatment.

Do the breast sag later?

After breast threads the breast will be tighter but it requires maintainance session after a year.

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