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What Is The Acne, Pores, & Scar Treatment?

Acne, Pores and Scars are rigid that commonly occur on the face, back, chest, shoulders. Although Acne scars are an unwelcome reminder of a painful and annoying condition, they don’t have to be permanent because various medical treatments can help you get rid of them.

The dermatologist will examine the skin and choose the best course of action for acne or scar reduction. The sooner the patient receives treatment, the sooner he or she will be back to normal and clear skin.

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Metamorphosis provides the best acne treatments for both men and women to get rid of acne, pores, and scars by checking your acne to determine the type and severity of your acne as well as the root cause so that it can be treated thoroughly.

As a result, depending on the severity of your acne, you will have clear, healthy skin that glows radiantly and has long-lasting outcomes in just a few sessions.

How Metamorphosis
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At Metamorphosis, our highly qualified dermatologist will examine the type of acne, pores, and scars on your skin, as well as a review of your medical history and any previous treatments you may have received.

We’ll check your acne to determine the type of lesion, inflammation, acne severity, and scarring. Also, we will assist as your nutritionist, advising you on the most refined foods for your body.

Benefits and Results

Benefits: There are so many endless benefits
of  Acne, Pores, & Scar:


Prevents mild acne from becoming severe Decreases likelihood of oral acne medications
Preventing future breakouts Limiting the growth of bacteria
Unclogging of pores Reduction in sebum production
Reduces redness and inflammation caused due to acne Reduction in development of acne marks
Reduction in emotional distress caused due to acne.

Prevents mild acne from becoming severe

Preventing future breakouts

Unclogging of pores
Reduction in sebum production
Limiting the growth of bacteria
Decreases likelihood of oral acne medications
Reduces redness and inflammation caused due to acne
Reduction in development of acne marks
Reduction in emotional distress caused due to acne.

Results: Varies significantly from person to person. A 6-8 treatments course and our tailor-made home care can improve you more than 75% as we usually combine 2-3 different treatments in one session.


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Treatment FAQ’s

What Is Acne ?

Acne is caused when pores of your skin become clogged with bacteria, oil or dead skin. Each pore on your skin directly leads to a hair follicle and an oil gland. These oil glands release sebum which travels via the hair to the pore onto the skin surface.

What Treatment Are Available At Metamorphosis Clinic ?

Chemical Peel – This involves application of a medicated gel solution that decreases new pimple formation, decreases oil gland activity and pimple blemishes. It also helps in resurfacing pimple scars by doing spot peels. This requires neither actual peeling nor downtime, and is painless.
Mesotherapy Treatment – This is a painless, microinjection procedure that delivers vitamins, minerals and various medications directly into the required layers of skin, thus reducing pigmentation caused due to pimples and resurfacing pimple scars.
Dermaroller – This is a micro-medical needling procedure that stimulates the skin to regenerate and repair itself naturally; eventually creating a smoother, brighter skin and reduced post –pimple blemishes and scarring.
Skin Polishing (Microdermabrasion) – It is a procedure that uses ultraclean crystals to remove the superficial dead layer of skin, causing a decrease in blemishes and helping in scar resurfacing.
Pores Cleansing Treatment – This is a combination of skin polishing followed by a marine extract mask infused with pure oxygen and enriching vitamins and minerals.Acne Laser-It uses erbium glass laser to improve the appearance of acute acne drastically.

What Are The Factors That Aggravate Acne ?

Hormonal imbalance, PCOS highly active oil glands, pollution, stress, anxiety, excessive use of oil based makeup hormonal fluctuations preceding and during mensuration.

Which Medication Tends To Aggravate Acne ?

Lithium,corticosteroids,testerone,anti convulsants,barbiturates.

What Are The Precautionary Measure To Prevent Acne ?

Keeping your skin clean, taking a balanced and healthy diet, avoiding oil based skin products, exercising increases the flow of blood and promotes skin health.

Can Acne Go Away On Its Own ?

There is a higher chance for acne to go away on its own during teenage years. However adult acne has a lower probability to go away on its own, which is why it is important to seek medical advise.

What are the Benefits Of Taking Ace Treatment In Metamorphosis Clinic ?

Customised approach;smooth and glowing skin;improved texture of skin;precise and effective treatment;boost in the confidence with a better skin therefore a higher self esteem.

What Food Is Good To Eat To Prevent Acne ?

Apricots, blueberries, tomatoes, whole grains, legumes, carrots, avocado, beetroot, spinach, quinoa, fish, oat milk, pumpkin seeds.

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