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What Is Needling RF Dermapen?

The Dermapen treatment offered by Metamorphosis focuses on creating skin abrasions by the needles stimulating your body to send healing agents like elastin and collagen to the treatment area for the desired repair. The treatment targets skin concerns like acne scars, fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, enlarged pores, stretch marks, uneven skin tone, lost elasticity, and skin structure. The treatment is suitable for both young and mature individuals.

This process is aimed to increase collagen by needle stimulation. Age factor which brings wrinkles, are easily eliminated using this treatment and make you look young and buoyant. Usually, people choose this treatment either for pimple scars (young folks) or for anti-ageing. It can also be used for rejuvenation when used superficially.

During this method, approx. 25 micro needles are inserted in the affected area with a cocktail of solution enriched with different nutrients in a micro ionized form facilitating the absorption. The cycle of treatment is every 3-6weeks, and it is advised to get them 3-5 times depending on condition of the skin. This technique is clubbed with special packs which bring out the glow in one’s skin and facilitate healing. This procedure has minimum ,reversible side effects . We also apply anesthetic cream prior to the procedure so the pain is negligible and post procedure an ointment is given for maximum care and comfort.

In an initial face to face consultation with our skin specialist ,we will be assessing your skin and advising on the number of sessions. We will be showing you some before and after photos. If the skin has had recent breakouts the treatment might be postponed to a later date. We then explain you how to prepare for the procedure. You will be asked to stop any Retin-A or exfoliating products 48 hours prior to the procedure. You will also be asked to keep a gap for 7 to 10 days if any tanning or history of prolonged sun exposure. If shaving is needed it can be done immediately before the procedure but not 48 -72 hours post procedure. For the first 1-3 days the skin may seem dry and tight .TREATMENT RECOVERY TIMELINE is explained:

● Day 1: Erythema and red appearance ,severity will depend upon how aggressive the treatment
was performed.

● Day 2: A red hue or pink hue persists like a moderate sunburn. Swelling may be more noticeable
on the second day.

● Day 3: Skin can be pink or normal color. Swelling subsides. After Care will include avoiding extreme temperatures like hot saunas/hot water for 72 hours. Practicing sun protection .

Treatment Protocol at Metamorphosis
A detailed consultation is done understanding the patients expectations. Topical anesthesia applied for most comfort. After 30 minutes we start rolling the controlled motorized dermapen all over the affected area. We can control depths by regulating the depth of the needle penetration. Cocktail of Solution is Infused. Post Treatment Pack is applied. Immediate Post Treatment Regime applied and you are good to go.
Benefits and Results
Improved collagen production Perfectly treats acne scars and wrinkles
Reduces stretch mark’s appearance Improved Skin texture
Reduce the appearance of large pores Improved skin texture
Improved skin laxity

Improved collagen production
Perfectly treats acne scars and wrinkles
Reduces stretch mark’s appearance
Improved Skin texture
Reduce the appearance of large pores
Improved skin texture
Improved skin laxity

Results: The treatment needs to be repeated every 4 to 6 weeks. A minimum of 3 sessions are recommended for flawless skin glow. 5 to 6 sessions are recommended for treating acne scars.
Treatment Procedure

Cleansing and removal of all makeup

Application of a topical anaesthetic

Microneedling (depth choosen as per the indication)

Antibiotic and sunscreen application

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Synopsis of treatment

Procedure Time 45 Minutes

Anesthesia- Topical

Duration of results-rejuvenation lasts for weeks until next session, scars results are permanent*

Male or female - Both

Full recovery-48-72 hours estimated

Risks and Complications-Redness, Pain, Skin Irritation, Swelling, Ant Bite Like Appereance

Back to Work-Immediate Estimated

Results- For best Result Course of 4 to 8 Treatments Depending upon Concern

Suitable for - all skin types

Treatment FAQ’s

How long does the treatment take? Is there any downtime or pain involved?
Our goal is to help support you in a balanced lifestyle. That’s why HydraFacial Keravive is a fast, painless efficient treatment that takes as little as 30 minutes.
How many sessions required to see the results?
It is reportedly noticed that the client can see improvement from first session and for maintenance and enhancement of the result Keravive home care spray to be used but in order to get wow results one client at least should take one session per month for next 3 consecutive months .

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