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What Is The Eyebrow Enhancement with Micro Blading?

Graceful brows are an important facial feature as well as a symbol of expression. Do you ever find yourself putting makeup on your eyebrows? If you answered yes, then Microblading is an excellent option for you. Microblading is a type of eyebrow architecture that focuses on creating the best and your desired shape for your brows while also making them appear natural.

What Do Our
Services Mean?

At Metamorphosis, we offer the best results you can ever get from eyebrow enhancement with our excellent services. We use the most advanced technologies like microblading, which includes using tiny needles and a blade to create super-fine lines that resemble fine hair strokes, depositing pigment underneath your skin.

The procedure is very precise and ideal for men and women; it is performed with a pen-like tool and does not penetrate the skin, gently scratching the surface like a papercut.

How Metamorphosis
Deliver this

At Metamorphosis, we deliver the best eyebrow enhancement with microblading treatment to get you the best, natural shaped eyebrows.
Our treatment procedure includes:

The proper shape is done by threading the eyebrows and cleaning your eyebrows. Calculated measurements draw out the shape for you to see.
Topical numbing cream is applied to the eyebrows for 40-45 mins.
Then Microblading procedure is done.
After completing the procedure, antibiotic cream is applied

Benefits and Results


Great solution to regain eyebrows Natural-looking, immediate results
Saves time for getting ready every morning Painless,safe and effective treatment
Waterproof and smudge proof Long lasting results
Pigment does not change colour, only loses saturation Ideal for both men and women

Great solution to regain eyebrows
Natural looking,immediate results
Saves time for getting ready every morning
Waterproof and smudge proof
Painless,safe and effective treatment
Pigment does not change colour, only loses saturation
Long lasting results
Ideal for both men and women

Results: A small amount of swelling will be visible for a day or two. It is usual for eyebrows to change color, become flaky, and appear faded over the next 7-10 days. The final color will be visible in 3-4 weeks. If a touch-up is required, it will be completed in 6-8 weeks.
Treatment Procedure

Brow Marking ( to create the right eyebrows as per your face)

Numbing cream application to minimize any discomfort

Drawing of brow with machine to give a natural appearance

Application of antibiotic cream post procedure

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Synopsis of treatment

Procedure time-60 minutes


Duration of results-1-3 years

Male or female - Both

Full recovery estimated-within 7 days

Risks & complications-redness, bruising, tenderness

Back to work-immediate

Results-visible immediately, final results in 2 weeks.

Sensitivity period-72 hours



Treatment FAQ’s

How Many Session Are Needed ?

Ideally one session first followed by a touch up after 6-8 weeks. The pigment fades in nearly 12 months so a second touch is needed at that time

Does It Hurt ?

We take every precaution necessary to ensure the procedure is as pain free as possible.
A strong topical cream is applied prior to the procedure for 40-45 mins.

How Long Is The Recovery Or Healing ?

After the procedure in the first 10 days brows will appear significantly darker then normal. And the scabs will begin to form
30-50% of the brow color will fade as the scabs fall off within 7-10 days. The complete healing takes 2-4 weeks.

Will The Brows Look Fake ?

No! when we implant semi permanent makeup pigment in the skin, it appears more natural looking than topically applied cosmetics.

What After Care Do I Have To Follow ?

You should keep your eyebrows dry for at least 10 days post treatment. Use only a baby wipe to touch them. We also recommend to avoid gym/sauna/swimming for a week post treatment. Sleep on your back for first few days. Coconut oil to be applied post treatment.

Are There Ant Side Effect During Or After The Procedure ?

During the procedure there may be some minor bleeding, bruising can occur, slight tenderness is seen for few days.

How Long Does It Last ?

It can last between 1-3 years . The pigment will begin to fade within 12 months. In order to keep the brows looking fresh, a touchup is recommended after 12 months to 24 months.

How To Make It Last for Long ?

Stay out of the sun, since it can fade the pigment, and avoid putting exfoliants (like retinol and glycolic acid) near your brows, because they’ll lift the top layers of your skin with continued use—and the color with it.

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