What iS QR678?

The QR678 treatment is an innovative non-surgical procedure for hair regrowth that promotes new growth and reverses hair loss. It is one of the most revolutionised hair fall treatments for treating alopecia. The key ingredient in this treatment comprises multiple plant-derived growth factors involved in stimulating hair growth.

What Do Our
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Metamorphosis offers the best hair fall treatments. This treatment is known for reducing hair fall and increasing hair thickness and the density of existing hair leading to a more excellent coverage in the hair loss. The polypeptides used in the QR678 formula are already in our scalp, making it a natural growth factor-based treatment.

How Metamorphosis
Deliver this

The treatment procedure begins with applying topical anesthesia and filling the serum in the injection. QR678 injections are injected across the scalp performed by laser for hair.

Benefits and Results

Benefits: There are so many endless benefits
of  Lip Lightning:


Visible Hair Growth Reduced Hair Fall
Strengths Hair shafts Reduced Scalp visibility

Visible Hair Growth
Reduced Hair Fall
Strengths Hair shafts
Reduced Scalp visibility

Results: Every session is repeated once in 3 weeks for 4 to 8 sessions.

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Treatment FAQ’s

Who Is An Ideal candidate For QR678 ?

Normally anyone with male or female pattern baldness, androgenetic alopecia, hair thinning, hairfall can be treated with qr678.

How Long Do The Result Last ?

The results lasts for a longer amount of time..but needs repeated sessions as to maintain the hair growth .

Number Of Session Needed ?

Normally 4-8 sessions are needed .

Are There Any Side-Effects ?

It is Plant derived with zero side effects..also it’s US FDA approved. with no risk factors

Is It Painful ?

It’s a painless procedure.. rather it’s a bearable treatment. Patient can tolerate it quite comfortably.

How Long Is The Procedure ?

It’s a lunch break procedure, which takes just 5 mins to inject an ml over affected area. If a case requires topical numbing there is additional 30 minutes for it.

Is Home Care Needed I QR678 ?

Yes homecare is generally suggested by your treating doctor so as to maintain the results.

When Can The Result Be Visible ?

Generally results are visible after 4 sessions, and proper growth takes atleast 12-16 weeks.

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