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What Is The Hair
Transplant Treatment?

The Hair Transplant treatment is a surgical procedure that involves moving the hair and hair follicles from the thicker part of your scalp or other parts of the body called the “donor site” to balding or the bald part of your scalp, also known as the “recipient site.”The donor area is genetically resistant to balding, making it the ideal site for the hair follicle and hair collection. The removed hair and hair follicles are then placed into the tiny holes of the bald/balding scalp.

What Do Our
Services Mean

Visit Metamorphosis for the best hair transplant near me. Hair transplants focus on restoring hair growth to the desired areas of the scalp with limited or absent hair growth. The hair transplant treatment is highly effective for hair loss. However, it cannot stop hair loss in the future. You will need follow-up transplants in the future. The success rate of hair transplant treatments depends upon multiple factors, and the procedure results vary with every client and the number of seatings attended by the client.

How Metamorphosis
Deliver this

Metamorphosis offers the best hair transplant treatment performed by skilled, credible & experienced dermatologists and surgeons, and the procedure is conducted under local anesthesia. The dermatologist begins by designing the new hairline and giving local anesthesia to minimize any discomfort. After which, graft collection from the donor area is carried out via a motorised machine. Finally, the collected grafts are implanted on the patient’s scalp.

Benefits and Results

Benefits: There are so many endless benefits
of  Hair Transplant:


Permanent hair regain solution Fight permanent baldness
Low Maintenance Healthy distribution of hair over the scalp
Affordable Scar-free procedure
Natural-looking results Perfect treatment for both women and men

Permanent hair regain solution
Fight permanent baldness
Low Maintenance
Healthy distribution of hair over the scalp
Affordable 6.Scar-free procedure
Perfect treatment for both women and men
Natural-looking results

Results: Visible between 6-7 months. Transplanted follicles begin to develop inside the scalp in5-6 days, and follicle shedding is observed in just two weeks.

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Treatment FAQ’s

Does hair Transplantation Really Work ?

Yes, the hair follicles that have been transplanted are genetically resistant to baldness and continue to grow.However,you need to still maintain the hair that have not been transplanted.

Who Is An Ideal Candidate For Hair Transplant ?

Men who lose hair from the temples, frontal, and top portion of the head. Women suffering from hair loss can also benefit from Hair transplants.

How Should I Proceed In Order To Have Surgery In Your Clinic ?

You can contact us via the appointment form at the website or directly on our contact numbers provided in CONTACT US section.If you live in another city or country ,for an initial assessment you can send us your photos taken from front ,top of scalp and back of the head.After an online consultation session,our coordinator will get in touch with you for the further steps.

What Is The Cost Of The Surgery ?

Cost depends upon the number of hair follicles required and the level of the baldness. The exact cost can be discussed at the time of consultation. It is a myth that the Hair Transplant Procedure is expensive. Consider it as a life-time investment made for your hair.

What Is The Ideal Age For hair Transplant ?

Anyone above 21 years if its indicated in them can do a Hair Transplant.We have carried out Hair Transplants even for a 60 year old patient.Our doctor will evaluate if you are an ideal candidate for Hair Transplant.

What Happens After A Hair Transplant ?

Post hair transplant you may feel some soreness.You will be asked to take painkiller,anti-inflammatories and antibiotics.Most people can return to work in 48 hours post procedure.

When Can I Start Seeing Some Result ?

The newly transplanted hair is visible even on the day of the surgery.However,in the first 4 weeks you will notice shedding of hair follicles which is a normal phenomenon.After 8 weeks some follicles will start to grow,and you can notice the difference month after month.Best results are achieved within 8 to 12 months.

Is Hair Transplantation Painful ?

The procedure is done under local anaesthesia.There is some discomfort associated with the treatment,however we give you regular breaks to make sure to minimize it.Post-op you will be given painkiller and antiinflammatories to manage the symptoms.

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