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What Is The Hair
Regain Therapy?

Hait regain therapy is the best hair loss treatment for men. It is a non-invasive treatment for accelerating blood circulation and controlling hair fall using a derma roller. It involves using the derma roller micro-needling technique to stimulate new collagen formulation and improve the scalp’s blood circulation. The treatment also involves using low-level laser therapy for stimulating the needed circulation. Using the derma roller helps deliver hair stimulants at the base of the hair follicle creating microchannels directly reaching the hair follicle base.

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The treatment is the best solution for hair fall. The low laser therapy given during the treatment helps stimulate the hair and grow thicker. During the hair loss treatment, the microneedle of the roller aids in creating tiny punctures helping in stimulation and enhanced penetration of nutrients used in the roller. This process is continued till small visible bleeding

How Metamorphosis
Deliver this

Before the treatment, our experienced dermatologists conduct initial consultation sessions where the needed goals and targets are set. A.Hair stimulation massage is done, followed by hair wash oil. B. The derma roller gets rolled on the desired areas and the necessary solutions. C.Low level laser therapy is applicable for 20 – 25 minutes. D.Finally, post-procedure cream is applied to the scalp.

Benefits and Results

Benefits: There are so many endless benefits
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Induced stem cell growth Directly stimulate hair growth
Strengths Hair The improved thickness of existing hair
Effective hair loss treatment for men and women Result oriented and safe treatment

Induced stem cell growth
Directly stimulate hair growth
Strengths Hair
The improved thickness of existing hair
Effective hair loss treatment for men and women
Result oriented and safe treatment

Results: Twice a week treatment for an average of 24 sessions to obtain the best results.

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Treatment FAQ’s

What Is Hair Regain Therapy ?

Hair Regain Therapy is a treatment that uses a derma roller micro-needling technique, to stimulate the formation of new collagen and improve blood circulation. It also uses low-level laser therapy to stimulate circulation.

What Does This Therapy Help In Controlling Hair Loss ?

The scalp is a thick tissue and most of the hair stimulants have to be delivered at the base of the hair follicle which is at 0.5mm depth. The derma roller helps in delivering these stimulants by creating microchannels, which directly reach the destination(base of the hair follicle). It also helps to increase blood circulation to the scalp area. The low-level laser therapy is given in this procedure also helps to stimulate the hair to grow thicker.

How Often Is Hair Regain Therapy Done ?

At Metamorphosis we recommend the sessions to be taken twice a week for 24 sessions.

How Much Time Does 1 Session Take ?

Each session lasts for 75 minutes.

What Solution Do You Use With The Derma-Roller ?

A number of solutions can be used to promote production of hair cells.We use minoxidil and hair boosters.

At What Stage Of Hair Fall Should I Do Hair Regain Therapy ?

If you have already tried medications and it hasnt worked for you,your doctor will advise you to start hair regain therapy or our anti hair fall treatment.After taking your history and understanding your schedule,the appropriate treatment for you is advised.

How Is Hair Regain Therapy Is Different From Mesotherapy ?

In mesotherapy we cannot control the depth of the injections ,whereas in hair regain therapy we can.Mesotherapy involves giving nutrients,vitamins,co-enzymes onto the scalp.Hair regain therapy involves giving minoxidil and boosters onto your scalp.The number of sessions with hair regain therapy are multiple and can range upto 30 sessions.The best suited treatment for you is decided after physical assessment of your scalp and detailed history.

Will The Dermaroller Pull My Hair ?

The tiny needles on the dermaroller are not long enough to damage or pull existing hair.However,we create proper sections in your hair before starting the treatment.

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