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What Is The Hair
Nourishment Treatment?

The hair nourishment treatment focuses on improving your hair texture and volume. This treatment offers your hair the needed nutrients and nourishment it requires that it fails to receive daily. The treatment uses medicated oils and hair masks that fights diverse hair issues, making your hair and scalp stronger. Expect only lustrous, thick and shiny hair with Metamorphosis hair treatment.

What Do Our
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We face many daily stressors that affect the texture of our hair, like harsh climate, pollution, chemicals or hair treatments on the scalp. This leads to the daily loss of hair quality resulting in thinning, poor texture, dry and dull hair, etc. Our hair nourishment treatment considers all these factors. It has formulated a special hair nourishment treatment plan containing natural ingredients and herbal products that perfectly suit all hair types.

How Metamorphosis
Deliver this

Our Hair Nourishment treatment aims at strengthing hair, reducing hair fall and maintaining hair quality and nourishment. It is an ideal treatment for individuals who colour their hair regularly and are focussed on supporting the hair texture and individuals facing dandruff issues. The treatment begins with a head massage using medicated oils, followed by the ozone treatment for getting rid of hair impurities. Hair mask is applied, followed by steam. Finally, the hair is massaged again, and the mask is rinsed off.

Benefits and Results

Benefits: There are so many endless benefits
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Complete hair nourishment Deep Conditioning of hair follicles
Boosts blood circulation Shiny hair
Fights scalp issues and dandruff Restores oil in the scalp
Relaxing treatment Prevents any styling damage

Complete hair nourishment
Deep Conditioning of hair follicles
Shiny hair
Boosts blood circulation
Fights scalp issues and dandruff
Restores oil in the scalp
Relaxing treatment
Prevents any styling damage

Results; The treatment must be done once in two weeks. Regain the shine and bounce in your hair.

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Treatment FAQ’s

How Long Does The Hair Nourishment Treatment Take ?

Hair nourishment treatments takes about 60 minutes.It is the best preventive treatment to ensure your hair are always healthy.It is also a very relaxing treatment.

What Are The Ingredients Commonly Used In Hair Nourishment Pack ?

Some of the ingredients used are: aloe vera gel, olive oil, aloe vera juice, fenugreek, amla.

How Should I Be Doing This Treatment ?

You can do it once in every 2 weeks.

What Are The Benefits Of These Treatment ?

Deep conditioning of the hair follicles. It helps to normalize the oil secretions. It stimulates blood circulation. It removes any impurities within the pores and repairs the damaged hair. Restores the oils and moisture onto the scalp. Helps to fight against dandruff.

Should I Wash My Hair Before This Treatment ?

No,you can come with unwashed hair.Incase you have styled your hair with curls etc then we recommend you wash and come.

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