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What Is Mesotherapy Treatment for hair fall?
The health of your scalp widely determines the appearance of your hair strands. The hair can grow longer, strong and beautiful if they are well nourished and healthy. Most hair loss problems are due to reduced blood circulation, lack of vitamins and nutrients and hormonal imbalances around the hair follicle.

At Metamorphosis, hair fall treatment uses the mesotherapy concept as one of the hair fall treatments that help prevent hair loss by strengthening the hair roots and improving density. We use very fine injections with vitamins, plant extracts, amino acids, minerals and co-enzymes that will reverse the signs of damage.

Mesotherapy has been proven more effective for hair fall and rejuvenation than oral medicines and is entirely safe without any side effects or allergic reactions. Additionally, this treatment also helps to treat dandruff problems as well.

What to expect during the consultation?
At Metamorphosis, we believe it is important to understand our patient’s main concern area so we can set the right goals and expectations for our patient. Customization is vital to our consultation, as we know every case is different, and every patient’s expectations are different. That’s why we thoroughly discuss the patient’s history in detail to avoid any complications in future. Please share all medical and medication history with your doctor at the time.
Treatment Protocol at Metamorphosis
Anesthetic cream is applied to maximize patient comfort. Microinjections are inserted just below the skin’s epidermal layer, which lies at a depth of 1mm below the scalp surface. The treatment takes only about 10 minutes. The micro-injections are given 1 cm apart, and then post-procedure cream is applied.
Benefits and Results


Stops hair fall Strengthens hair root
It makes the hair texture healthier Improves the overall quality of existing hair
It gives hair a shiny appearance Stimulation of blood circulation
Effective for both men and women
Benefits and Results

Stops hair fall
Strengthens hair root
It makes the hair texture healthier
Improves the overall quality of existing hair
It gives hair a shiny appearance
Stimulation of blood circulation
Effective for both men and women

Results: With Mesotherapy, the best hair goals can be seen in a short period with no surgery and little to no pain. Treatment is required once every two weeks for a total of 6-10 sessions. It is one of the most successful and cost-efficient treatments available.

Treatment Procedure

Topical anaesthetic cream is applied to minimize any discomfort

A cocktail of vitamins and nutrients is prepared after taking patients history

Microinjections given of the prepared cocktail

Cleaning the scalp and applying post procedure cream

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Synopsis of treatment

procedure time-45 minutes(including anaesthesia)


full recovery-immediate

Male or female - Both

Longetivity of results-enhanced when combined with Autologous Platelet Gel Treatment

Risks & complications-bruising, swelling

Back to work-immediate

Results -6 to 10 sessions at an interval of 2 weeks.

Suitable for - hair fall ,early androgenic alopecia, telogen effluvium



Treatment FAQ’s

How Does Mesotherapy Prevent Hair Fall ?

Small doses of vitamins, nutrients, amino acids, and co-enzymes are applied to the scalp using superficial fine needles. It is a localized treatment to the affected area with no side effects

What to Expect From Hair Fall Treatment ?

You can expect new hair growth, a better density, stronger hair roots, the healthier and shinier texture of the hair.

What Are The Indication For Scalp Mesotherapy ?

Hair that has been damaged by environmental factors (sun, pollution, chemicals), Androgenic alopecia at the initial stage, Post-natal hair loss, Hair thinning, Hair loss due to pulling, Diffuse hair loss in women, Dandruff and seborrhea.

For Whom Is The Treatment Contradicated ?

Pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, diabetic patients and those on anticoagulants

Is It Suitable For Both Men And Women ?

Yes, it is equally effective for both

How Long Will The Treatment Take ?

Post the application of topical anesthesia for about 10 minutes only. In total about 45 minutes. For patients who have less time in hand,can apply topical anesthesia and come to the clinic.

When Can I Wash My Hair After The Treatment ?

You can wash your hair 24 hours after the treatment with the shampoo prescribed by your doctor.

How Many Treatments Will I Need ?

On average one requires 6-10 sessions at an interval of 2 weeks. Your doctor will decide the necessary sessions for you at the time of the consultation.

What Is The Difference Between Prp And Hair Mesotherapy?

PRP and Mesotherapy are 2 different treatments used to cater to hair loss. Both help in hair restoration and regrowth, however, mesotherapy is a treatment which is based on injecting vitamins, nutrients, amino acids and co-enzymes onto the patients scalp. PRP involves taking patients own blood, centrifuging it and then injecting it back to the affected area. A concentrated rich plasma is injected back onto the patients scalp.

Can Prp Be Combined With Mesotherapy?
Combining PRP & Mesotherapy has proven to be more effective in terms of giving results. It increases the success rate of reducing hair loss and stimulating new hair growth.

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