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    Acne referred to as pimples is a condition that is known around the world

    Acne is an acute skin infection occurring due to the complex interactions of changing hormones, namely sebum and bacteria, also known as Propionibacterium acnes.
    Acnes pop up on the skin when the hair follicle openings get clogged and blocked with dead skin cells and oil.

    We have our best team of professional doctors at work who help you with a customized treatment regimen and make sure to mention all the measures to be taken. With the care of our professional staff, you experience the best laser treatment for acne scars in Ghatkopar.

    • Reasonably priced laser treatment for acne price in Ghatkopar
    • All Treatments are US-US-US-FDA Approved
      Experienced Skin Consultants and Doctors
    • Long-lasting effects within a few sessions
    • The affordable price range for the best acne scar treatment in Ghatkopar

    Our Treatment Procedure

    A treatment procedure that promises you a clear result and no pain.

    Extracons of
    and whiteheads

    Use of erbium
    glass acne laser

    Acne peel applicaon

    Cleaning the skin
    and sunscreen applicaon

    Our team of experts believes in nothing but only excellence. We bring with us experience and efficiency when it comes to treating our clients.
    With 12 years of experience up our sleeves, we promise to deliver you the best results with state-of-the-art, effective, safe, and affordable cosmetic treatment procedures with an unparalleled experience.

    Benefits and Results

    Benefits : Fairer and Brighter Skin
    • It prevents mild acne from becoming severe.

    • Reduces acne scarring.
    • It prevents breakouts that can cause scarring.

    • Reduces the development of acne scars.
    • Reduces the production of sebum.

    • It retains the self-confidence that was lost due to acne scars.
    Results: With the best doctor for acne treatment in Ghatkopar, let’s look at the acne treatment procedure.
    Our skin consultants begin the initial session with a deep skin consultant that includes understanding your past medical history and previous acne treatments (if any).
    After which, we conduct an acne assessment to assess the type of acne scars, acne grade, acne lesions, inflammation and understand your expectations and goals from the treatment.
    We will also take your picture before beginning the treatment and track your progress over time.

    Metamorphosis serves the patients with the most optimal laser treatment for acne scars in Ghatkopar with the best doctors at work. We offer the best service with deep-rooted healing of all skin problems.

    We at Metamorphosis cater with care and believe in providing affordable cost laser treatment for acne scars in Ghatkopar.

    The acne laser treatment cost in Ghatkopar at our clinic varies for every client depending on their acne problems, varied treatments conducted, and skin type.
    Our skin specialist might use 2-3 different types of treatment in every session for better and guaranteed results.

    Stop all your searches online for acne treatment near me and visit Metamorphosis clinic for the best acne laser treatment in Ghatkopar.

    Frequently Asked Questions
    What Is Acne ?Acne is caused when pores of your skin become clogged with bacteria, oil or dead skin. Each pore on your skin directly leads to a hair follicle and an oil gland. These oil glands release sebum which travels via the hair to the pore onto the skin surface. What Treatments Are Available At Metamorphosis Clinic ?Chemical Peel – This involves the application of a medicated gel solution that decreases new pimple formation, decreases oil gland activity and pimple blemishes. It also helps in resurfacing pimple scars by doing spot peels. This requires neither actual peeling nor downtime and is painless. Mesotherapy Treatment – This is a painless, microinjection procedure that delivers vitamins, minerals, and various medications directly into the required layers of skin, thus reducing pigmentation caused due to pimples and resurfacing pimple scars. Dermaroller – This is a micro-medical needling procedure that stimulates the skin to regenerate and repair itself naturally; eventually creating smoother, brighter skin and reduced post-pimple blemishes and scarring. Skin Polishing (Microdermabrasion) – It is a procedure that uses ultraclean crystals to remove the superficial dead layer of skin, causing a decrease in blemishes and helping in scar resurfacing. Pores Cleansing Treatment – This is a combination of skin polishing followed by a marine extract mask infused with pure oxygen and enriching vitamins and minerals. Acne Laser-It uses an erbium glass laser to improve the appearance of acute acne drastically. What Are The Factors That Aggravate Acne ?Hormonal imbalance, PCOS, highly active oil glands, pollution, stress, anxiety, excessive use of oil-based makeup, hormonal fluctuations preceding and during menstruation. Which Medication Tends To Aggravate Acne ? Lithium, corticosteroids, testerone, anti convulsants, barbiturates. What Are The Precautionary Measures To Prevent Acne ?Keeping your skin clean, taking a balanced and healthy diet, avoiding oil-based skin products, exercising increase the flow of blood and promotes skin health. Can Acne Go Away On Its Own ?There is a higher chance for acne to go away on its own during the teenage years. However adult acne has a lower probability to go away on its own, which is why it is important to seek medical advice. What Are The Benefits Of Taking Acne Treatment At Metamorphosis Clinic ?Customized approach; smooth and glowing skin; the improved texture of the skin; precise and effective treatment; boost in the confidence with a better skin therefore higher self-esteem. What Food Is Good To Eat To Prevent Acne ?Apricots, blueberries, tomatoes, whole grains, legumes, carrots, avocado, beetroot, spinach, quinoa, fish, oat milk, pumpkin seeds. How Do You Define Severe Acne ?Severe acne appears as a large number of pustules on your face. The nodules and cysts will be painful and you may be at risk of scarring. Are There Any Side Effect Of Laser Hair Removal? The skin can appear slightly red/raised/bumpy for 48 hours post procedure.Itching can occur in some individuals which tends to be mild and subsides

    Our Synopsis Of Treatment

    Procedure time-as per body part

    Your body part determines the time of treatment.

    Anaesthesia-none required

    Our treatment does not require the use of anesthesia as it is a painless procedure.

    Duration of results-Longterm

    Our results are time taking, but they are the best. OR It takes time for the best to come.

    Male or female-both

    Our treatment is suitable for males as well as females.

    Full recovery-immediate

    Our treatment procedure helps you recover immediately

    Risks & complications-redness,bumps, itching

    It is a painless treatment, but there might be a few harmless complications.

    See Our Results

    With all the experience and expertise, we promise to deliver you a satisfactory and spectacular result.



    Testimonials From Our Clients

    In just 2 treatments i saw huge improvement in my acne.Highly thankful

    Aseem Khan

    I had been to multiple clinics earlier but had not succeeded in treating my acne,however, i see wonderful results in clearing up my acne here at Metamorphosis. I have taken 8 sittings and my acne has almost gone.

    Lathika Shivram

    Acne Laser helped me a lot.It gave me such fast results which i wanted !!The technology used is very advanced here and the whole team is very warm and knowledgeable.

    Jenny D'mello

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