A Safe And Effective Laser Acne Treatment

A Safe And Effective Laser Acne Treatment

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When the sebaceous glands that are present beneath specialized hair follicles produce oil excessively, it causes localized inflammations on the skin which is referred to as acne. During puberty, the oil glands are triggered by the male hormones that are produced in the adrenal glands. It occurs in both male and female bodies. When the cells grow to block the opening of the sebaceous glands, there will be a mounting of oil underneath the skin. Finally when the follicle ruptures due to excessive build-up, the bacteria present on the skin feasts on the oil and multiplies causing inflammation and redness on the localized portion of the skin. It is clinically advised to seek the best acne treatment at the very onset of the inflammation.

There are different types of acne

If the inflammation remains to be merely on the surface level, then it is called a pustule. In the case where the inflammation is deeper, such form of acne is medically referred to as papule which in common man terms is called a pimple. On the other hand, if the root of the inflammation is way beneath the surface level, it gives rise to the third type of acne: which is the cyst. Unlike the popular misconception, acne is not a trivial skin inflammation that  can be cured using home remedies. Without getting adequate acne treatment, the patient will be left with severe scars and inflammation throughout the face and the body.

What causes acne?

  1. One main reason for acne to occur is due to the blockage of the opening of the sebaceous glands by dead skin cells.
  2. Hormone variations are another leading causal factor for the outbreak of acne.
  3. Bacterial infection of the oil produced by the sebaceous glands can cause aggravated acne to appear.
  4. Stress has been scientifically proved to be a trigger for acne surfacing on the skin.

Effective laser treatment for acne

Laser treatments for acne have been accepted by dermatologists around the globe to almost the perfect technique to treat the disease. Scientific studies in the field of dermatology show that the patients suffering from severe acne cyst condition have successfully recovered with clear skin after the addition of laser therapy as part of their treatment plan. Laser treatment often works in two ways. Firstly, due to the heat, the top layer of the skin will be removed which contains the scars. Secondly, the peeled off top layer will give rise to a healthy, glowing, and smooth layer of skin. There are five types of laser treatments for acne that have been proven to be effective.

  • Blue, red, and blue + red light devices: This laser treatment has been said to be the best acne treatment for pimples. Its primary focus is on papules and it is not built for treating nodules, whiteheads, acne cysts, and blackheads.
  • Non-ablative laser resurfacing: This form of laser treatment for acne uses a q switch technique. Through the procedure, collagen production will be increased due to the rising heat from the laser treatment. This will also help in instigating the speedy growth of new and healthy skin cells. These cells will replace the scarred and damaged tissues.
  • Fractionated laser treatment: The Fraxel or the fractional laser treatment for acne focuses on removing skin cells that became damaged and are showing darker pigmentation. The treatment gets rid of these damaged cells by stimulating the tissues underneath the scars.
  • Ablative laser resurfacing: For this form of acne scar treatment, the lasers used are either erbium YAG or Carbon Dioxide (CO2) lasers. Through this treatment, the entire surface area of your skin will be removed wherein the scars are present.