5 Ways to keep your Skin Young and Glowing

5 Ways to keep your Skin Young and Glowing

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Skin is the largest organ of a human body. Skin acts as a barrier between the external environment and the internal organs of a human body. A moist and healthy skin protects internal organs from infection, extreme temperatures and acts as a filter preventing diseases. Healthy skin also helps faster healing of wounds and reduces the chances of infection. Healthy skin helps you look young and thereby keep you fresh and energetic. So, it is highly essential that you take adequate care of your skin. There are many skin clinics in Mumbai that help you with all aspects of skincare.

Most of the skin doctors in Mumbai and around the world believe that prevention is the best form of medicine.  Some ways that skin specialists believe are useful to keep your skin young and glowing are:

  • Maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle – It is highly essential that one leads a healthy lifestyle that automatically keeps a person active and rejuvenated. For maintaining a healthy lifestyle, one has to do the following thing:
  • Regular Exercise – Physical activity during exercise improves the blood flow in the body that helps remove wastes in the body faster. Improved blood flow helps the skin cells get more oxygen that automatically cleanses the skin from the inside.
  • Manage stress – Higher and persistent stress leads to aging of skin faster. Hence, managing stress through techniques of yoga and relaxation can help reduce the speed of aging of the skin.
  • Balanced Diet – Food that one eats has a major impact on the health of the skin. A balanced diet comprising vitamins, minerals, acids, proteins, fats, etc helps you nourish your skin and increase the skin’s vibrancy.


2.   Receiving Dermatological treatments – You can also approach licensed dermatologists that provide you with non-surgical treatments for filling in lines and wrinkles and revive your inner skin through medicines and approved cosmetic creams.  Some of the treatments that can help you get a glowing and young skin include facial rejuvenation, Dermal Fillers, Chemical peel, Tan removal treatment, Thread lift, Medifacials, pimple scar removal treatment, skin rejuvenation, microdermabrasion and much more. These treatments can help you to uplift your skin and make it look younger and brighter too.

3.   Staying Hydrated –Dry skin makes you look old. Keeping your skin hydrated by drinking adequate water is one of the easiest ways to keep your skin healthy and glowing. Ensure that you drink at least 8 glasses of water every day.

4.   Protecting your skin from the sun– Long exposure to sun’s Ultraviolet rays can easily alter your skin’s health and can lead to wrinkles and aging. You should protect yourselves from prolonged exposure to the sun through regular application of SPF sunscreens, wearing hats or scarf, using sunglasses.

5.  Preventive Actions – Taking preventive actions like cleansing your face regularly, applying moisturizers, exfoliating your skin regularly allows your skin to remain hydrated and healthy.
To know more about taking care of your skin and staying young, contact your skin specialist in Mulund.